Dog Silhouette with hearts - Choose your Breed - Car Sticker

Dog Silhouette with hearts - Choose your Breed - Car Sticker

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We all love our pets so this is an ideal item for all dog lovers. 

This professionally cut vinyl can be placed on any smooth, dry surface so ideal for windows, glass, cars etc. Really easy to apply and has an outdoor life of at least 5 years. 

Along with your breed, you will receive 3 hearts for you to place with your dog.

If your dog breed isn't here....simply let us know and we can add one to the list. The breeds available (and their sizes) are:

  • Labrador - 17cm high x 21cm wide
  • Dachshund - 10cm high x 15cm wide
  • Scottish Terrier - 15cm high x 16cm wide
  • British Bulldog - 14cm high x 17cm wide
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier - 17cm high x 16cm wide
  • Cockapoo - 17cm high x 13 cm wide
  • Golden Retriever - 17cm high x 20cm wide
  • Poodle - 17cm Hugh x 19cm wide
  • Border Terrier - 12cm high x 16cm wide
  • Chihuahua - 14cm high x 13cm wide
  • Springer Spaniel -12cm high x 15cm wide
  • German Shepherd - 17cm high x 13cm wide
  • French Bulldog - 12cm high x 14cm wide
  • Husky - 16cm high x 16cm wide
  • Pomeranian - 12cm high x 14cm wide
  • Pug - 12cm high x 12cm wide
  • Cavalier King Charles - 15cm high x 15cm wide
  • Shih Tzu - 14cm high x 17cm wide
  • Pointer - 16cm high x 17cm wide
  • Lakeland Terrier - 16cm high x 19cm wide
  • Yorkshie Terrier - 15cm high x 12cm wide
  • Jack Russell - 13cm high x 16cm wide
  • Doberman - 14cm high x 15cm wide
We hope you enjoy these as much as us!